Peck Lake to Eau Gallie


I realize another week has already zipped by, so here’s another blog installment:


Thursday, February 08, 2018:

Sunrises here were beautiful.  We rose early and started a new on-board exercise routine that’s sure to be short-lived. After breakfast we got the dinghy ready and dropped it in the water to cruise over to the island.  This would be Jupiter Island.  By our anchorage at Peck Lake is the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge and we found the spot to tie up the dinghy and walk over to the beach.

2.8.18 Peck Lake Anchorage    Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge

Since it was the middle of the week there were very few folks around and we enjoyed walking on the beach, swimming and a picnic lunch.  A dinghy ride tour followed around Peck Lake and through Loblolly Marina on the west side of the waterway.  After returning to the boat we cleaned up with showers on the fantail and just dozed for the remainder of the day.  Later, as we planned ahead, Jane found that Marshall Tucker Band would be playing in St. Augustine while we’re there.  By mutual agreement tickets were purchased under the rationale of Valentine’s gifts for each other.


Friday, February 09, 2018:

DSC_0327  Chester came out to help weigh anchor.

We pulled anchor at 1130 under light east winds and set off for the Fort Pierce City Marina 26 ½ miles north. It was a beautiful sunny day.

IMG_0834  2.11.18 Ft Pierce Marina  2.10.18 Ft Pierce City Marina

We eased into the Pier A alongside the floating dock at 1500.  Jane did laundry and we cleaned up the boat.  We reconnected with Mark and Lezlie as the Antonia was already there when we arrived.  The marina had been completely rebuilt after the storms in 2004 and it is very nice.  There must be around 300 boats at dock here.  We met some really nice people on the dock.  All the neighbors are very friendly.  Ilona and Bob from Minnesota were just to our stern and since they have their sailboat on the market, directly she is offering us poo powder.  I’m just going to let you google that, but suffice it to say that boaters will offer information on all sorts of subjects.  Later, we joined Mark and Lezlie for dinner at Cobb’s Landing and then went back to their boat for a game of Quiddler.  Word games for folks who can’t spell are just crool.


Sunset at FPM

Saturday, February 10, 2018:

Slept in and once up enjoyed an incredible farmers market in the waterfront park by the marina.

2.10.18 Farmers Mkt

We found one booth with Jamaican ladies cooking and chowed down on a large order of conch fritters.  Best we’ve ever had.  Also, we couldn’t pass up buying some excellent guacamole for later.  After some housekeeping we walked around the area and ducked into The Second Street Bistro for a snack and refreshing adult beverages.  On the recommendation of Phyllis and Brian on “Heat Wave” we bought tickets to Brian Regan at the Sunrise Theater for Sunday night.  The dockhand showed up and we got the holding tank pumped out.  Dinner was at Thai Pepper with Mark and Lezlie and it was great.  Afterwards we all slipped across the street and discovered Rizzo’s for a glass of wine on their back patio listening to an awesome blues singer.

Sunday, February 11, 2018:

We biked to The Common Ground Vineyard Church. They have a very friendly and most enthusiastic congregation.  Afterwards we biked on to Publix to pick up some groceries.  As soon as we got back and put the food on board, off we biked again to meet Mark and Lezlie where they were just finishing lunch at Buoy 12. People always comment on our little folding bikes with their tiny wheels.  We should just wear clown suits.  We caught an Uber with Mark and Lezlie to the Navy Seal Museum.

2.11.18 Navy Seal Museum

It is very well done.  If you go, take some tissues.  By then it was time for dinner so we returned to Cobb’s Landing and this time we actually used our 20% off coupon.  Then we got showered and off to the Sunrise for the comedy of Brian Regan.  He’s a very funny guy with a clean show.

Monday, February 12, 2018:

It was time to leave Ft. Pierce, so we shoved off at 1020 with assistance from Ilona and Bob. We arrived at the Vero Beach Municipal Marina and prepared to pick up mooring ball #17.  The wind and the tide were working together from the south so we got Sabbatical turned and nosed up to the ball with Jane on the bow and me at the upper helm.  There were some difficulties for Jane picking up the line from the ball and she got the boathook stuck in the eye of the line.  Once she got the extendable hook, she was able to get the first one free, pick up the line and pass one of our bow lines through to get it tied.  At this point, I come down to assist with the other line, but before I can get it through the eye, I realize Jane has untied the first one, we’re unable to hold it by hand and moving back toward the two sailboats rafted on ball #18.  I’m yelling and scrambling back to the bridge to attempt to avert the impending collision. I’m able to get the ship under control in plenty of time while patting myself on the back for having not turned off the engine.  Jane takes it all in stride and there are no tears and nobody is angry.  We make another run at the ball and she picks up the line and gets it tied.  I invoke the oft used line, “We always knew it would be an adventure”.  After the dinghy ride in, we walk over to the Riverside Café for lunch.  We stayed on the boat for dinner because I couldn’t get the outboard to crank.

DSC_0356  DSC_0353

Tuesday, February 13, 2018:

The dinghy was still very hard to start, but I finally win the battle of wills with Mr. Tohatsu. Jane defrosted the fridge while I’m making friends with the little outboard.  We load up laundry and shower gear and ride in to get the washing done.  It became a little dicey coming back because the drain plug in the dinghy leaks, but we arrive back at the boat with clean dry laundry.  My solution for the drain plug was to wrap it with Teflon tape.  That proved to be a perfect fix and later we ride our freshly bone dry dinghy over to Antonia and go with Mark and Lezlie to dinner at Waldo’s on the beach.  A great dinner and when we return we stay long enough for another glass of wine with them.  The dinghy motor cranks right up and we agree that it was a great night.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018:

It was cloudy this morning, but cleared somewhat in the early afternoon. We dropped the mooring ball at Vero at 0915 and enjoyed cruising up the waterway to anchor just south of the west end of Eau Gallie Bridge at 1445.  It’s breezy and cool, but we’ve got plenty of rode out and a great anchor.  After we got set I noticed that we’re swinging close to some guy’s crab trap, but it doesn’t bother me as long as I can spot that thing before we re-crank.  Jane is cooking us a Valentine’s dinner (not crab) while I write and Nora Jones serenades us via Pandora.  I don’t know whether to feel guilty or blessed so – blessed it is.


6 thoughts on “Peck Lake to Eau Gallie

  1. Sounds like a great time. Makes me want to jump on “Daddysfarm ” and take off after you. We are gong o a day cruise tomorrow. Enjoy! Denny


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